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Water Sports in Goa 5 in one Sports

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Water Sport in North Goa

About this Trip

Spend a fun and active day by the water - with a variety of water sports waiting for you. Try parasailing - rise above the water and cherish the beautiful landscapes around or go for the more intense jet ski ride and hop on the waves. A fun activity for the whole family is a banana ride or bumper ride - hang on tight and see who can last the longest as the boat makes all the twists and turns. Relax after all the water splashing with a smooth boat ride on beautiful Goan waters. Your water sports in Panjim and North Goa is complete with all the essential equipment and a guide who will help you learn the basics of all the activities.

Water sports included:

Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana, Bumper ride, Boat ride

Life jacket and all necessary equipment

Professional English speaking guide

All prices are inclusive of taxes and service charges


Parasailing In Goa

  • Enjoy the aerial parasailing experience on the shore lines of Calangute for up to 5 minutes in the air

  • Get a chance to fly as high as 300 feet above the sea level and behold the vast Arabian Sea

  • The activity guide will help you with detailed insight, basic techniques, and safety measure required in the trip beforehand

Jet Ski In Goa Overview

  • If you are a novice, keep in mind the rules for a mind blowing experience so as to ride well with the help of a safety expert.

  • Experience the incredible day on the water on a sunny evening by taking out on rent the Jet Ski as per your requirement.

  • Checklist of good safety practices is followed and the safety of the tourists is ensured at all costs for an adventurous and amazing lifetime water scooter experience.

  • Jet Ski is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart ailments or serious medical conditions.

  • The tour timings will include the travelling time taken to the tour coordination point.

Jet Ski Ride BAGA.jpg
Speed Boat Ride 3.jpg

Speed Boat Price in Goa

  • Fast and the furiousThe fast and the furious speed boats will be a perfect setting for your loved ones to bond. The adrenalin rush you experience when you traverse the waves will leave you overjoyed.

  • Safety FirstFeel safe to have fun time amidst the waters as the activity will take place in the presence of trained and skilled professionals. You will be equipped with all the necessary safety equipment required for this watersports activity along with the life jacket which will be included in the package.

  • 50 mph SpeedRiding the speed boat at more than 50 mph will turn this speed boating experience of yours into an exhilarating one.

Banana Ride in Goa

  • Minimum age requirement is 12 years.

  • Banana ride tests your endurance as after some bouts of being thrown, your muscles would start to ache but the sudden topple into the water which takes place at the end of every ride adds excitement for every beginner.

  • There are minimal chances of accidents and injuries as the ride is accompanied by an expert rider or a lifeguard.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart ailments or serious medical conditions.


Bumper Boat Ride in Goa

In this fun-filled ride, you will sit in a large air-filled tube made of rubber and dragged by a speed boat into the open clear sea. Tubing is another name for it. The main aim is to hang on as long as you can in this air-filled tube while the speed boat zips along the waves in order to throw you off in the sea. The rider gets the feel of a flight when the bumper boat which is an air-filled tube bounces up. It might be a little intimidating for the beginners but it is a great opportunity for all the thrill-seekers to show their skill set with this one of its kind tube ride.

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