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Snow Park GOA

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About Snow Park

Searching for real fun activities with getting cool and relax? Willing to go somewhere which gives you feel like you are in heaven? Why not try out one of the best attractions in Goa – Snow Park Goa.


Forget where you are and feel like you are in Kashmir. Enjoy natural snow with your dear once and feel amazing with snow ball wars.

Snow sculpture is a Sculpture form comparable to an ice sculpture in that most of it is now practiced inside Snowpark, and often in full view of spectators, thus giving it kinship to performance art in the eyes of some.


Now enjoy your favorite volleyball game, totally new arena, exclusively at our snow park. The sport you can never get bored of.

Experience first-hand mountain climbing on snow here. Race your way to the top and have the last one treat everyone


Why go to the Antarctica when you can have picture with Ice Igloo right here? Pose.. Click.. Post and get plenty of Likes and Comments.

Love sledging? Then snowpark is the best destination to do the sledging with sledging cars in real snow. Makes your memories unbelievable sledging in real snow.


Liquor in the ice! That too in Goa! Can’t believe, yes, you heard it right. Goa’s first ice bar in Snowpark, enjoy your favorite drinks in ice glass.

Experience to Dance in freezing temperature. Slide on snow and rock the dance floor with amazing lighting and hit numbers

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