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Night Pool Party 

Pool party time , in swimming pool catering for private parties, seating arrangements, free parking for your guests and more. Come with your family and friends. Bring your entire  society members, or everyone in your office or come with your love. Enjoy the pool party and leave the arrangements to us

1. Pool Volleyball Game

We’ll divide the pool with a net. You divide your group into two teams, and play ball - in the pool. Pool volleyball is so much fun because you don’t get tired. Unlike ordinary volleyball, you don’t have to run around to get to the ball. But it can be quite a challenge to jump up in the water to reach the ball and lob it back to the other side of the net.   

2. Musical water balloon toss

The wet version of passing the parcel. Simple enough in concept, but it becomes hilariously difficult to grab the parcel and pass it on when you’re bobbing around in the water, and so are the people next to you.

3. Pool Race

Swimming contest with a prize for the first three to reach the finish line at the other end of the pool. Find out if there’s a Michael Phelps inside you, and win the gold every time.

4. Water Balloon Games

You don’t have to wait for Holi to throw water balloons at people around you. Come to our pool and have a fun-filled Holi-day throwing water balloons at each other.

5. Water Guns n’Balloons

If balloons are not enough to make your friends squeal and scream, then add water guns to the mix. Frag them, own them, make them splash around in the pool trying to escape the squirt of your water gun. And can try hiding underwater when they try to squirt you.

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